Top Digital Audio Transcription Software

Digital audio transcription software is great for transcribing audio files; it converts the audio file to text file and is especially useful for typists. Take a look at the top digital audio transcription software reviewed in this post.

Top Five Digital Audio Transcription Software

Given below are the top five audio transcription softwares:

Express Scribe Transcription Playback Software

This is free professional software for transcription of audio files. It offers great assistance to typists; they can get it installed on their computer and control the playback of audio by making use of a keyboard including hot keys or transcription foot pedal. These foot pedals with the playback control helps in increasing the typing speed since it can be controlled by feet. This software is compatible with Windows XP 2003/2008/ Vista and Windows 7. The salient features of Express Scribe software are:

  • Playback speed is adjustable with a constant pitch.
  • Supports video as well as audio playback
  • ‘Hot’ keys can be used for controlling playback while using any other software.
  • It can be integrated with ‘Express Delegate dictation workflow’.
  • It can dock digital as well as analog recorders for loading the recordings.

ECS PowerPlayer Audio Transcription Software

This software by Executive Communication Systems offers hands-free playback of audio files with extraordinary features. The control functions like play, forward, rewind, pause, speed control, etc can be operated by a foot pedal. The supported file formats are Voice IQ True speech files, standard .wav files, BCB True speech files, dialogic Vox files, True speech files, WMA files, Olympus DSS files, and MP3 files. The package includes a USB hardware key lock, CD, and a manual. The system requirements for installing this software are:

  • 64 MB memory
  • IBM Compatible Computer
  • 10 MB hard disk space
  • Internet Explorer 4.0+
  • Microsoft Windows 95/98/2000/XP/ME OS

Digital Dictation 7.5

This is a software that helps in computer based recording, transmission, storage, and most important of all transcription of audio files. Your computer can be configured in many ways according to individual environment requirements. It helps greatly in enhancing the efficiency of your office while reducing the costs also. Digital dictation meets all needs from single user applications to multi-user based applications (both intra and inter enterprise servers). The salient features of this software include real time voice compression, adjustable speed playback, auto backspace, and superior voice quality.

Quickscribe Digital Transcription software

This is one of the top digital audio transcription softwares with several advanced features. It makes your job of document production easier and faster. It has the superior capabilities of editing non-destructive real-time editing by using a single audio file format known as ‘Intelligent Audio File’ (IAF). You can do all editing works within a single dictation file. IAF offers more advanced RICH dictation as well as transcription abilities.

Start-Stop UNIVERSAL Transcription System

This is a professional grade computer based transcription system that can be controlled by a foot pedal as in the case of most transcribers today. You can control the speed of playback and you can play any kind of dictation or digital recording. It comes with free upgrades for lifetime and supports a range of audio formats. It is mainly focused on enhanced efficiency and workflow of typists, court reporters, medical transcriptionists, conference recording, etc.

Though all the above softwares are good for transcribing, ‘Express Scribe Transcription Playback Software’ has a good brand name in the market as well as among consumers; it is rated as the top digital audio transcription software.

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