Colourful Rajasthani Heritage

Rajasthan is famous for its vibrantly coloured textiles, which adorn the sophisticated boutiques and prismatic art and craft bazaars across the state. There is no denying the fact that the exotic spectrum of Rajasthan’s handicraft heritage is a dazzling kaleidoscope of colours and textures. The socio economic ethos is in the base of the depth, range and intricacy of this heritage. Initially, it was more to do with livelihood when the whole village used to pursue a certain craft. Impetus to this art was given by the royal patronage over centuries. What we see today is the result of all this. Though the state is full of visual spectacles, another thing that mesmerises when travelling through the state is the vibrancy of colours.

rajasthani heritage

Daily, thousands of meters of fabric receive one or several of various treatments to achieve its rich blaze of colour. These treatments include dyeing, block printing and multiple forms of embroidery and applique. Jodhpur is famous for the most intricate and interesting result of garment designing, the bandhani or tie and dye. As the name suggests, this technique involves two stages: tying sections of a length of cloth (silk or cotton) and then dunking it into vats of colour. The knotted section retains their original colour whereas the remaining part gets dyed in various shades.

Rajasthan has a long and distinguished tradition of printing with finely carved wooden blocks known as buntis or chhapas.  This method, though laborious, is actually quite simple and merely calls for precision. Sanganeri prints, generally featuring floral motifs, are exported round the world. Zari, Zardosi Kinari and Gota are other arts, which are done manually on garments and Rajasthan is famous for it.

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